. h. o. p. e.

Hope has been the theme of my weekend although at this moment I don’t feel “hopeful”. I finished a poem on hope today (see below) and yesterday I received a lovely gift from my sister-in-law (see picture)…a beautiful gold bar necklace with the word “HOPE” imprinted on it.

I would like to share the poem that my dear friend, Nathan Potter, and I wrote together. I have never really written a poem before (wait-do those haikus I had to write in 4th grade count?) and I haven’t had the desire to write one in my adult years. Nathan wrote the first part a couple months ago and felt led to give it to me…he said “Maybe one day you’ll finish it…” It has been folded in half in my Bible since then and I open it every once in a while and read it. I love what he wrote- I don’t know what he was going through when he wrote it but it stirred something in me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on until today. Today was the day I put my finger on it and explored this knot in my chest…the bittersweet knot of contrast in grief vs. hope can be a thing of beauty. For me, it is a thing of beauty when my feet are planted in my Creator. In Him, through Him, by His mercy, by His greatness…I have the confidence to place one foot in grief and one foot in hope. Grief that my body is failing me and physically pains me every minute of every single day…yet hope that one day it will be renewed and restored…confidence that one day all will be as it should in my Creator’s presence…no knots will exist then. All that will be is the gorgeous tapestry that He has woven.

Thank you, Nathan, for allowing me to compile this poem with you & thank you, Lord, for instilling in us the desire to create…


I sat with grief today.

Once mere acquaintances,

we have become old friends.

He is heartsick and slow.

I find it hard not to hate him.


But I know he is a 

fair-weather friend.

He will not travel with me long.

Hope reigns.


And where there is hope

grief cannot long abide.

There is a greater He than him.

He dissolves the bitter taste grief leaves,

grief is embraced yet not embodied.

I am embodied in Him who is hope.

He reigns.


He pushes away the cobwebs grief weaves.

Grief takes my breath away but He fills my lungs with life.

He is greater than him.

He is my hope.


2 thoughts on “. h. o. p. e.

  1. BEAUTIFUL, Searcy!!! Your story is so important, and your transparency is a huge blessing to me and I KNOW to others around you as well. There need to be more people like you. ♥️♥️♥️

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